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Our design team: their passion shapes our style

A complementary team...

Our design team members are all different ages and from different backgrounds, which makes for great diversity and richness. While some specialise in finishes, others have a talent for multicultural visual arts or a passion for everything digital and high-tech. They all learn from each other and the result is a melting pot of creative energy.

"It's fascinating! If the team is given an object, each member has their own way of interpreting it—their own personal style. The meeting of minds is what makes this team so special."

... full of innovative ideas

Aware of how the world is changing, we are constantly looking for ways to make our products work for you—their user. The feedback you give us on your habits and preferences is what inspires us. By understanding how you live, we can tailor our products to suit your lifestyle.

Contemporary, accessible and elegant, our style does not follow fleeting fashions but constantly interprets new trends to ensure the durability we pride ourselves on. This fusion of vibrant design and practical features is what lifts our furniture to the next level.

Véronique, team leader

As team leader, her role at Gautier is to bring everyone together, build a cohesive team and form relationships with other departments. She helps the product managers, photographers and photography studio present each project in a way that reflects Gautier's style, which she must instill into every product and every collection.

Anthony, finish specialist

Anthony is the senior member of the team, not because of his age but because he has been working for Gautier for 25 years! He draws his everyday inspiration from trend books, international trade fairs and all types of creative activities. Passionate about every aspect of finishing, he is particularly interested in object design (from decoration to cars), architecture and urban furniture. He always has his ear to the ground when it comes to finishing techniques and is an expert on the subject. He finds inspiration all around him, from decoration and trend magazines to media channels and in-store competitive intelligence.

Julie, designer with artistic flair

Julie is the globetrotter of the team. After a few months in Finland finding out about woodworking and Scandinavian ceramics, she started working in Valencia for a specialist furniture agency. That's when she realised how a piece of furniture is made is crucial to how it is used and perceived. She brings to Gautier a natural affinity for beauty and for how different materials, colours and finishes work together. Julie believes that the rest of the world associates French style with relaxed elegance—a certain sophistication that is also delightfully practical.

"We reinterpret these trends and incorporate them into our interiors by combining complementary elements to create an elegant, relaxed feel. I think this contrast is what gives French style its unique character."

Clément, passionate about technology and the environment

At just 25 years old, Clément is Gautier's newest recruit. He is particularly fond of the high-tech side of furniture (lighting components, 3D modelling) and has an affinity for graphic art and attention to detail. He's always on the lookout for new ideas, and draws his inspiration from the world around him: a pattern on a dress, a detail in a museum exhibit or a new way of using a high-tech product. His constant curiosity drives him to create and innovate, while always bringing an environmental eye to his designs through his choice of materials.

Jean-Marie, designer since the age of 7

Passionate about design from a tender age, Jean-Marie has been designing and creating all sorts of objects since his childhood. Convinced that inspiration can be found anywhere, he gets his ideas from established places (newspapers, magazines, benchmarking) and more informal settings (discussions, museums, trade fairs, exhibitions). With his technical and marketing background, he knows that the end user experience must be at the heart of the creative process. He enjoys using a mix of different materials and experimenting with textures. To him, it's all about the detail that elevates a classic piece of furniture to the next level.

"At Gautier, we like to think of our furniture as a meeting place; for example, different generations of a family coming together around one of our dining tables. That's the Gautier spirit."


This design culture carries through to our stores.

Our love of design, style and beautiful interiors is shared by our interior design consultants. They will be happy to help you with any project using our Gautier Home planning tool.

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