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Creating a workspace in your lounge: our top 5 ideas

Créer un espace bureau dans son salon : nos 5 idées meubles Gautier

If you need to work in your lounge, there are a few important measures to take so that there is a clear boundary between your working and relaxing areas, without one spilling over into the other. Here are some pro tips for getting it right when setting up a workspace in your lounge!

A desk that blends in with your lounge

If your lounge is dual purpose and is also sometimes used for work, you need to find a way to bring these two seemingly opposing areas together. If you're using a temporary desk, the best type is one that will subtly blend in with your lounge. To do this, you'll need a desk that isn't really a desk! A console table or storage unit can easily be multi-purpose, with its ingenious design meaning it can turn into a desk when needed. For example, some console tables have a sliding shelf. You can create a desk space as an extension of an existing piece of furniture, such as a bookcase or TV unit for example. This means that your workspace will perfectly blend in with the rest of your furniture.

Creating a workspace in your lounge: our top 5 ideas

If your living room has corners or recesses that form an alcove, this is sure to be the ideal location for your desk space. If you want to hide your desk in your lounge once you have finished working, add curtains or voiles to make it disappear from view.

Separating a workspace from the rest of your room

If you regularly work from home, the way you set out your workspace in your lounge needs to ensure it is completely separate. Make this really clear by ensuring the space stands out differently from your living room, for example. There are several possible solutions:

  • Paint a wall in a different colour: a darker tone may make your workspace appear smaller than it is (you can even use blackboard paint to give your wall a whole new purpose);

  • Add a chair to distinguish the workspace from the rest of your living room;

  • Install a removable partition, a screen or a bookcase to create a visual separation between these two distinct spaces.

Creating a workspace in your lounge: our top 5 ideas

You can also go for an unusual and really practical design such as a rotating desk. The ultimate in space-saving furniture: your desk converts when you need it, doubling the size of the worktop surface.

Your comfort is important

Even the smallest of home office spaces need to provide the right conditions for working comfortably. Good lighting for your workspace is absolutely crucial: add a wall lamp or table lamp to your desk, and don't forget to position your desk near a window where possible to make the most of the natural light.

Look after yourself and invest in a good quality chair. Ensure it has a well-padded seat and a comfortable backrest to support your posture.

Decorate your workspace without too much clutter

It's natural to want to decorate your workspace – but don't overdo it! You can paint it or add wallpaper to add a decorative touch, but make sure any lamps and pictures complement the style of your lounge furniture.

To keep your workspace looking stylish, make sure you keep it uncluttered: for example, avoid leaving out pen pots and keep your stationery in your desk drawers. Similarly, built-in sockets and USB ports or cable tidies can be very useful as well as keeping things looking neat.

Creating a workspace in your lounge: our top 5 ideas

Complement the furniture in your lounge

Any desk furniture you choose should blend in with the decor in your lounge, in terms of style as well as colour. If your walls are white, choosing a desk in the same colour is an ingenious way to make it more subtle. But if you want to add splashes of colour, we advise choosing a desk chair in an identical style to your dining room furniture, but in a different colour. The wall shelves in your lounge can also become ingenious storage for keeping a few books or important documents within easy reach.

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