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3 tips for decorating your child’s bedroom

Kids’ bedrooms are special places where you can give your creativity free rein and design a soft look or use bright colours. Read on to discover current trends and our interior designers’ tips to help you create the perfect bedroom.

First, decide on a style or theme

Decide on a theme with your child and stick to it when choosing various decorative items whenever possible. If you want a nature theme, for example, choose furniture and ornaments in suitable colours. Your choice of lighting is also important. Have several light sources so your child can work at their desk or read before bed, with different lighting levels to suit each task.

Choose elegant storage furniture

A visually cohesive style is crucial in order to create a naturally elegant room. Be consistent in your choice of colours and materials for the various pieces of furniture being combined in their bedroom. It is best to choose their shelves, desk, bed, dresser and wardrobe from the same collection.

Decorating: add some excitement to walls and shelves

To create a calm atmosphere, choose light and pastel colours for your walls. To freshen up a bedroom’s look, you can alternate painted sections with wallpaper in patterns and colours that complement the room’s style. You could also think about adding wall shelves. These introduce a modern touch to a bedroom and provide useful storage without taking up floor space!

“Adding paintings or pictures to the walls is also great for instantly introducing a strong style choice that is visible as soon as your child and their friends enter the bedroom.”
Pierre, Interior Designer

Take inspiration from our Gautier interior designers’ favourites:

Your child’s room needs to be decorated to suit their personality. When creating their bedroom, take this opportunity to include their favourite colours, preferred style and craziest dreams. Shine a spotlight on your child’s unique personality by decorating the room in an original style.

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